Fred Orentlich on Health Insurance

Hello I am Fred Orentlich and I will be talking about Insurance. If your health, well-being and pocketbook are three things that are important to you, you probably understand the significance of health coverage. “But I don’t go to the doctor a lot,” you say. While you may not make many trips to the doctor, you never know when a medical emergency that could cost you thousands of dollars will occur; this is where health insurance steps in.

To help you better understand your health insurance policy, let’s define some terms you will need to be familiar with.

Copayment – You are required to pay this amount towards medical bills according to your health insurance policy. Your policy will list whether or not this is a dollar amount or a percentage.

Deductible – total amount you will pay before your health insurance company takes over your insurance payments.

Excess major medical policy – This type of policy has a very high limit as well as a high deductible and could provide up to $2 million of financial protection. Other possible highlights include nursing home benefits or home health care.

Health maintenance organization (HMO) – HMOs encourage preventative care and strive to provide health care to its members at affordable prices. To do this, the HMO tries to stay away from deductibles or copayments. Most HMOs have their own private clinics and staff. Only visits to staff within the HMO network are covered by the policy.

Major medical – Severe or extreme health problems.

Major medical policy – This insurance policy covers most serious medical expenses up to a set maximum limit.

Managed care – Simply put, the purpose of managed care is to manage costs and make sure insurance premiums are affordable. Because cost efficiency is the main focus of managed care, medical decisions are made by the individual’s insurance provider.

Out-of-pocket maximum – This figure is the greatest amount of covered medical and surgical expenses you might have to pay each year. It limits what you will pay at the end of the year between copayments and deductibles.

Preferred provider organization (PPO) – PPOs provide health care services at a reduced cost. PPOs are typically more flexible than HMOs and allow policy holders to visit out-of-network professionals. While HMOs own their own clinics, PPOs do not.

Glancing over these definitions will put you on the right track to understanding your health insurance policy. Still have questions? Be sure to contact your insurance provider if you’re not sure about something in your policy. Uncertainties about your health insurance should never be neglected.

Health insurance is your key to financial security in the event of a medical catastrophe. Because medical emergencies are not predictable, it is important that you prepare for health coverage today!

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Fred Orentlich on Whole Life Insurance

Fred Orentlich will be talking about Insurance. When you consider the advantages of whole life insurance policies I hope you will conclude that this is life insurance worth owning. I have no objection to term life insurance and even own some. It is an important part of my life insurance portfolio. Each type of policy has it’s place and it’s own function. I cannot, for the life of me, understand why some people never have appreciated this. I refer to the term advocates who seem to hate the thought of anyone buying a whole life policy.


  • The First Advantage Of Owning Whole Life Insurance Is The Death Benefit 

    The whole life insurance policy assures you a guaranteed death benefit that never decreases and upon death is usually free of federal income taxes. If you choose you may take the death benefit in the form of a monthly income instead of a lump sum.


  • The Premiums Remain Level…Another Advantage Of Owning Whole Life Insurance Policies 

    When you buy a whole life policy the premium you start out with is the premium you will always pay. It never increases. If you, however, decide to use your dividends to reduce premiums you will pay a much lower premium than you contracted for.


  • Whole Life Insurance Policies Have Cash Values 

    Another of the advantages of whole life insurance are the cash values. They can be borrowed by the policy owner for whatever reason he or she should choose. If you should decide to surrender your policy at any time you receive your cash values. These cash values accumulate tax deferred.


  • Participating Whole life Insurance Policies Earn Dividends 

    If you own a participating whole life insurance policy you automatically become eligible to earn dividends on your cash values if the company performs well…which they usually do. Dividends, however, are not guaranteed.

    These dividends can be paid to you in cash, can be used to purchase paid up additions, to reduce premiums or they can be left to accumulate at interest.

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Fred Orentlich

The Insurance Selection Agency (I.S.A.) is one of America’s largest health and life insurance agencies. We have over twenty years of experience and many thousands of satisfied customers throughout America.

Each of our hundreds of health and life plan specialists concentrates on a specific state, so as to be an expert in virtually all of the options available in that particular state.

Our goal is to provide you with the absolute best coverage, for the least cost.  We believe your coverage should be economical, rich in benefits and simple to use and understand.

We also offer unmatched 24/7 customer service

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